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Youth Entrepreneurs empowers young individuals with the values and vision necessary to chase their dreams. Our mission is to transform the mindsets of these aspiring entrepreneurs, fostering self-belief and confidence in their ability to achieve remarkable feats. Through our experiential education model, we instill essential entrepreneurial and economic principles, laying the foundation for prosperity. We inspire students to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities for positive impact.

About 40 percent of American middle- and high-school students express their intention to embark on entrepreneurial journeys or create groundbreaking innovations that will shape the world. However, many of these young visionaries lack the necessary guidance to transform their ambitious ideas into viable businesses or elevate their existing ventures to new heights. A critical element in achieving business success lies in having role models, yet young individuals in underserved communities rarely encounter direct examples of entrepreneurial achievement.

Enter “next-gen business builders,” our youth entrepreneurship program designed to empower students with the tools and mentorship needed for success. Participants engage in a comprehensive curriculum, progressing through four essential modules:

  1. Basics of Business: Here, students gain foundational knowledge about entrepreneurship.
  2. Developing Your Business Idea: Participants learn how to refine and shape their innovative concepts.
  3. Developing a Financial Plan for Your Business: Understanding financial aspects is crucial, and this module equips students with the necessary skills.
  4. Communication and Public Speaking Skills: Effective communication is key, especially when pitching ideas or presenting business plans.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurial prowess in a business pitch competition. Winners receive personalized guidance from experienced business role models, ensuring they are well-prepared to present their final business plans.